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Bonorong Tasmania’s largest 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Service

After checking the weather report (fine and 11 degrees) we set off for the 30-minute drive, from CBD to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bonorong is Tasmania’s largest 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Service, with an army of volunteers that brings aid to thousands of suffering animals every year. It is entirely funded by their entry fees.

It is not as big as Zoodoo Zoo, however, it is not a zoo, it’s a sanctuary devoted to getting healthy animals back to the wild. All of them undergo a meticulous assessment to ensure they are happy and healthy in their care, which is something they never compromise on. At Bonorong you will meet animals that are extinct everywhere except for their island refuge. Their ever-changing menagerie of survivors includes wombats, devils, quolls, native birds, koalas, lizards, snakes, and emus. We saw a few cute devils, some native birds, including a gorgeous cockatoo Fred who was over 100 years old!!

It was lovely to be able to hand feed all of the kangaroos – they are so tame and so soft!

The owner Greg Irons, had apparently come to Bonorong as a 7 yr old boy and proudly had declared he would own Bonorong one day. He worked there as a young wildlife keeper and worked his way up to Manager, before buying the farm

The sanctuary is open 9 am – 5 pm all year round and they hold 45-minute tours, 4 times throughout the day:

10 am, 11.30 am, 1.30 pm, and 3.30 pm to meet the wombats, devils, and koalas.

There are also additional short animal encounters, where for $25, a minimum of 2 guests, you can spend 10 minutes up and close with one of the friendly animals.

Note, see the website for the additional tour options, including night tours and exclusive feeding tours.

We missed the tours we arrived closer to midday and only spent maybe 1 hour there.

The ticket prices, directly fund the running of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as the operation of all of their conservation programs.

You'll be able to visit our Sanctuary for the day, see our animals, join one of the daily tours and more.

Entry includes a free bag of kangaroo food and access to our daily tours.

Ticket prices for the day pass: FAMILY - Two adults, two children $93 ADULT - 16 years and older $32 CHILD - 3 - 15 years old $18 INFANT - Under 3 years old FREE

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