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Cascade Brewery- tours, live music, great grounds


The Cascade Brewery is a must-do on your visit to Hobart. We enjoy many Saturday and Sunday afternoons having a drink and a meal. There is at times live music and it is also dog friendly .

We recommend that you do the tours. Currently, these are limited and you will need to book well in advance. Getting to Cascade the Red Decker bus stops there and you can also Scooter there if you wish as

A tour specifically brewed for those with a thirst for History! From humble beginnings, a succession of dreamers and doers have diversified and refined Cascade Brewery from a mill by a stream to a fountain in the foothills, quenching the thirst of generations. Though long since gone, these custodians of Cascade have left their marks upon the site. Stand where they stood and see what they saw. Join us as we unbottle our past and tap a tale or two of this iconic Tasmanian institution. Please note that this tour does not enter the Brewery.

LOCATION Cascade Brewery Bar 140 Cascade Road, South Hobart TAS 7004

Step behind the scenes of Australia's oldest operating brewery. Learn the art of creating one of the nation's oldest beer recipes, from,start to finish, while you explore previously unseen areas of the brewery. Finish your visit with a refreshing tasting paddle of four Cascade beers. Duration: 60min (including tastings) This tour is 18+ only - No children or infants permitted. No walking aids permitted.

LOCATION Cascade Brewery Bar 140 Cascade Road, South Hobart TAS 7004

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