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Clarence Foreshore Trail: Bellerive Beach to Howrah

This family-friendly track is particularly well suited to cycling as it has long sections of level concrete pathway. The track forms part of the Clarence Foreshore Trail.

On a sunny, albeit very crisp, late Autumn morning, we parked on kangaroo Bay Drive at Bellerive, rugged up and sneakers on, ready for the Bellerive to Howrah coastline walk. This Clarence Foreshore trail, follows the coast behind the dunes. It is quite an easy walk but allow approx. 1 hour each way. Would be also suitable for cycling and dogs are allowed on their leads.

It’s approx. 9km from the Hobart CBD and there is adequate parking including behind the Blundstone Arena if you start at that point. We started back closer to the Bellerive Ferry drop off area.

There are nice sights to take in along the way, with bays filled with moored yachts and boats, views across the Derwent over to Mt Wellington and as you venture further down near the Blundstone Arena, you can walk on the beach, then venture over to the outdoor gym circuit, children’s play area and re-join the track at the bluff.

There and back, the Fitbit registered over 14,000 steps and approx. 8kms walked (there and back). We took our time, stopped and spoke to locals with their dogs and even had a short stint on the outdoor gym area.

We finished off with lunch at Gastown East, a Canadian influenced café on Cambridge Rd Bellerive, with all day breakfast options and sneaky daytime friendly mimosa’s!


  • Walking: Easy

  • Cycling: Easy

Distance: 3.2km

Time: 1 hour walk one way

Parking: Bellerive Beach Park, Wentworth Park playground off Correa Street, and Howrah Community Centre

Dogs: On lead (check signage for restrictions for dogs on beaches)

This family-friendly track is particularly well suited to cycling as it has long sections of level concrete pathway. It starts from Bellerive Beach Park and follows the coast behind the dunes. There are good views of Howrah Beach from Second Bluff but take care on the gravel sections between Second Bluff and Howrah Beach. Walkers may prefer to walk along Bellerive Beach and rejoin the track at Second Bluff where steps lead up from the beach. Wentworth Park makes a good alternative start/end point for families.

Warning: There is a steep gravel section between Howrah Beach and Second Bluff which may be slippery or too steep for wheelchairs and novice bike riders. There are restrictions for dogs on beaches – see signage on the path. About the Clarence Foreshore Trail The Clarence Foreshore Trail is a multi-user pathway following the shores of the Derwent River. It offers a diverse range of scenery, from picturesque bays filled with moored yachts to she-oak forest and parkland. There are playgrounds, beaches and points of interest along the trail. The quality of the path varies from wide concrete to narrow gravel sections. The total length of the trail is 14.5km between Geilston Bay and Howrah but it can be broken into shorter sections.

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