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Day trip to Glen Derwent Tea rooms

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Another one of our favorite day trips is to the Gen Derwent Tea rooms . A short drive to New Norfolk. If you were doing "Russell Falls " this is the perfect way to finish your day on the way back from Russell Falls. You will need to book and check their hours.

If you have an afternoon flight, then we suggest that you have breakfast at Jam Packed (book here) then book at Glen Derwent tea rooms for your high tea experience then make your way to the air port

However, even if they are closed ring the mobile and see if they are around as they live on site.

Glen Derwent also has cottages and Van sites that allow you to stay and immerse yourself in all the things that the area has to offer.

The high tea is one of the best we have experienced. This is a must-do for your trip planning. The grounds are beautiful and the house and old stables are a historical must. Staying in their cottages that are self-contained or parking your van to powered and close to amenities are a great way to make your stay perfect.

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