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Westerway Raspberry farm

Westerway is well known locally for it’s fresh berries and if berries are your jam (so to speak) then we would highly recommend heading out to the Westerway Raspberry farm.


Westerway has been around for over 25 years, currently supplying customers all over Australia.


It is conveniently located along the drive to Mt Field National Park, approximately 1 hour drive north west of Hobart and there is ample parking when you arrive.


1488 Gordon River Road, Westerway

Ph: 0438254376



Their Farm Gate shop is open daily from 9am to 5pmthroughout the summer, from the beginning of December through to the end of May.  They sell fresh seasonal berries, a variety of berry products and local produce, as well as ice-cream, coffee and some snacks. It doesn’t get fresher than the farm shop:  All their fresh fruit is rapidly refrigerated and packed on site, supplying customers in town and market stalls, as well as farm gate customers.


Tip 1: We had a raspberry and cherry icecream and a plain raspberry icecream, both in the waffle cones, and they were delicious on a warm sunny day and welcomed after picking fruit for a good 45minutes.


Tip 2: As you are outside in the sun, picking your berries, and with our high UV down in Tassie, definitely bring a hat, sunglasses and have your sunscreen on. Also bring your water bottle to say hydrated!


The Pick your own field, is open 9am – 4.30pm during the open season. It is $5 admission per person, then you can also grab a container, in a few different size options to collect your berries in or you can bring your own container. It is $18 a kilo for whatever you pick.


When we went there we were able to pick, and sample along the way, raspberries, blackberries, silvanberries, josterberries and tayberries. The blueberries and strawberries weren’t available for picking the day we were there, however the very nice guide who works there will give you a good overview of what is available on the day and some tips to help you get the sweetest fruit ie bigger bead size on the blackberries. Certain berries are available seasonally, and it is always a good idea to call ahead if you are making a trip for a specific berry. 


Drop in for fresh berries, ice-cream, coffee and local produce, or make a day of it and pick your own!

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